Sunday, August 22, 2010

You Tell Em I'm Comin'… And I'm Bringing Hell With Me! (aka: I'm your huckleberry)

Sorry.  Watching Tombstone on the tube.  Love this movie.  Always hated Val Kilmer but for some reason he just hit this one on the head.  I doubt Doc Holliday himself was as good as ol' Val at being the said huckleberry.

Weird to see Lowell Mather playing a bad guy with a gun in the old west tho.  This is the guy who got beaten up by a small asian chick in Sideways but I am supposed to believe he could out gun Sam Elliot?  Preposterous.

Speaking of the old west, my week has felt a bit like that.  There were the normal shootouts at the OK Corral known as the news room.  I got bucked off a few times as a story didn't work out and I had to switch gears mid-stroke.  But, in the 11 years of doing my gig and my final two years of college, I hadn't even given thought to the high-noon showdown I was to encounter this past weekend.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Save The Oysters! (aka: I'm gonna have to buy some hip waders)

It's been a very long week or two since last we chatted.   There were times where I truly believe I have gone back in time to the early 1980's.  But that is for another post.

Today's blog is coming to you from the middle of the Puget Sound.  I am crossing the gap between Bremerton and Seattle via the lovely Washington State Ferry System.

What brings a land locked man like myself across the sound to Bremerton you ask?  Oysters of course.  It seems I am the oyster bureau chief actually.  A couple weeks back you may recall my trip to a little town called Quilcene on Dabob Bay.  The oysters it was said were being killed by rising acid levels in the oceans and waters in the Pacific Northwest.

Well, now it appears something far more deadly is attacking the oysters… Your United States Navy.  Thats right, fresh off their mission being accomplished in Iraq, the Navy declared all out war on the oysters of Seabeck, WA.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A look into my days (aka: Why did you say I would need a rain slicker again??)

So my work situation is no more clear these days than ever before.

That will be its own blog someday soon, but until it all works its way out, lets just gloss over the basics.

I was telling Cam and Kaleo and Kalewa in Hawaii that I had a ton of options if I moved to Seattle.  I told Ken and Jimene and the Walter clan that every day I seemed to get a new offer of something bigger and better in the Emerald City.  And, I was understating all of the facts.

What has happened since I arrived in town has been nothing short of miraculous, given our economy and general Carter-era-esque malaise.  I came to town with the promise of a job at one station, the chance at an amazing job at another.  Two days in town, another offer came.  Last week, another.  I am working currently at two shops in town, which is crazy to me but they both seem thrilled.  After a very good meeting last Friday, I may indeed be working at only one station very soon.  And it aint either of the two I'm currently at.  Thus, until things work out and I am settled, I will let that percolate and just get on to the point.

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Belated Welcome to Seattle (aka: I need more than 24 hours in a day)

Hello, dear reader... or readers, but its probably reader.

I apologize for my lack of updates.  I want to keep this thing going, so I am gonna make this new installment a simple pictorial (no Kilzer, not THAT kind of pictorial) look at my new life in this beautiful city.

So, here goes:
This is my apartment building.
The bottom level is market area.  The first floor is actually three floors off the street level.