Monday, August 2, 2010

My Belated Welcome to Seattle (aka: I need more than 24 hours in a day)

Hello, dear reader... or readers, but its probably reader.

I apologize for my lack of updates.  I want to keep this thing going, so I am gonna make this new installment a simple pictorial (no Kilzer, not THAT kind of pictorial) look at my new life in this beautiful city.

So, here goes:
This is my apartment building.
The bottom level is market area.  The first floor is actually three floors off the street level.

When I step out onto the street and look to my right, this is my view.
I am right at the cross roads of Seattle Center, the Space Needle, Queen Anne, and Elliott Bay.  Its very Frasier Crane like and all.
This is my view down on Elliott Bay and Puget Sound.  Its awesome.
I get to watch cargo ships, ferries, cruise ships, and pleasure craft from my very own little balcony.  Its nice!

One non-picture related story:
I got a Wii for Christmas last year.  I decided to play it tonight.  Threw in Madden '10, started flailing my arms wildly, really having a good time, when I happened to look out my patio windows and saw to my delight....... a homeless man relieving himself.  Not in a port-a-potty, not even behind a potted plant.  Nope, he had pulled his warmup pants down to the knees, was facing the busy traffic-filled street, and was adding his liquids to the sidewalks of Belltown.  Two people walked past him.  One just shook his head.  I couldn't resist, so I let out a holler that rattled the glass.  Mitterating man, startled perhaps, lost his aim and commenced to begin peeing into his drooping warm up pants.  I didn't feel bad.  He shouldn't have been peeing there.  Not where I could see him.  Anyway, he finished his business, pulled his now quite wet pants up and started stumbling on down the road.  I wish I had taken a picture for my pictorial edition of the blog.  But that would have been in bad taste, I'm sure.
I won my Madden '10 game 98-0.  I assume I am really good.  But I might need to turn the difficulty up past "Third Grade" level.

Just down the hill from my house, wide open views of the Olympics and the Sound.
You really can't beat the views I have.  And all within a very short walk (with a nice cup of coffee, of course) from my house.

Perhaps the most under rated part of Seattle.
There's a saying, or is it a show?? Its a show, but I'm calling it a saying... Its Always Sunny in... Seattle.  Not a drop of rain, sun every day.  Its been like Hilo, only exactly the opposite.
When I am feeling lazy, I just look straight ahead.
You may recall from a few pictures ago, I can see the Space Needle behind my building.  But that requires I take the elevator down to the street and use the muscles in my neck to look right.  Instead, I can stare at the water and just enjoy this perfect reflection in the windows across the street!  Thank you, Seattle, for helping me be lazy!!
This is just to help certain readers to see that I really DID take the beauty shots from my previous post.
You cant click a camera and NOT hit a beautiful picture here.  I love my cat too much to use the old saying about swinging a dead one, so lets move on!  Just up the street from me, up the hill, and it is QUITE the hill, images of downtown Seattle abound.  This is just one of em.

Anyway, I hope that this will keep my readers involved and I will TRY to be better about making my updates semi-daily.  That means, at least once a week and maybe once every season.  But I will try. 

I will get into my work situation soon, but as anyone who knows me is aware, its quite the story right now!


  1. I laughed, and then I laughed some more, and then I cried a little (that you would bash Hilo), and then I got over it because it's true, and then I laughed a little bit more.

    Great post, Sir. I was just today wondering how things were going. And then just now I was wondering just exactly how strong this Guinness Extra Stout is, but then I realized that it's your background picture that's out of focus, not my eyes. Anyway, glad to hear that you've

    (Dags just fell off of the couch)

    got such a great place, and that you're starting your new life off so well. Congrats are still in order.

    Great photos, as always.

    Anyway, here are two things that might sound a bit strange, but they're true, so I'm just going to throw them out there:
    1) Your Reader/Readers bit was good, but so you know my mom was just asking me today why you didn't have a new post up. So, no matter what else, you've always got Nancy.
    2) I seem to have misplaced two granola bars...I just had them 20 minutes ago. If you've got any ideas where I might find them, let me know. Thanks.

    (seriously, great post. keep it up)

  2. Wonderful pictorial Matt. But if you really want to impress you would move to video. Pictorials are SO 1990....

  3. Kilz, you are correct. If only I worked in a job with a video camer... wait a minute! I will work toward video. Maybe something sweet like Seattle set to Bach or something. Nah, that sounds like a LOT of work.

    And Cam, Ms. Nancy sent me a great e-mail to tell me my blog is being read back in the Land of Love so you are correct. I can now count my loyal readers at the one hand level. That seems appropriate somehow.

  4. Your fan base in Loveland still hanging in there, though I'll try to be more subtle than the fan base from "flight of the Concords"! Really enjoyed the photos

  5. ha-ha, whew. great story - are you sure it wasn't Paul peeing outside? next time you need stock photos of a bum peeing let me know, I've got quite the collection.

    absolutely lovely pictures. looks like you have the perfect piece of Seattle. how is the coffee? please dedicate an entire blog to your coffee home, please, please?

  6. OK, Jen... I will try to come up with something interesting to write about the coffee joint. And, now that you mention it, it DID look a lot like Paul peeing!!!!