Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My New Home (AKA: Just show us the pictures and shut up already)

Back in January, I moved into a new apartment.  My old one you might recall overlooked Puget Sound.  Now I am on the other side of Queen Anne and overlook Lake Union.  I have a full 180 degree view from the University of Washington to the north all the way through downtown.   Here are some pictures to acquaint you:

It really is a gorgeous view from my little apartment.  The kat likes to watch all the seaplanes take off from the lake below us.  Traffic in each direction leaving the place is a disaster, but its a small price to pay for living here.

Its also the perfect place to see the holiday light shows in town.  Here was New Year's Eve:

For the 4th of July, they pull a huge barge into the middle of my lake filled with cannons and black powder and gave me a front row view to some pretty cool fireworks!

And, while every day up here on the hill is spectacular, nothing really compares to dusk here.

The city seems to come alive when the sun starts to fade.  And seeing Rainier in the distance towering over town, reminding us one day it will blow and we will all be dead...  Its special!

OK, that is all I will bore you with from my place in Seattle.  I have done some travelling this year, and my next post will catch you up on some of that.

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